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Success Stories: The Two Of Hearts

Welcome to my new blog, Success Stories. As I spend a lot of time reading, writing and talking about sad stories, terrible break ups and narcissistic exes, I felt like I needed to spend more time listening to positive stories. So Success Stories was born. Here, you can share your stories of happy, successful and loving relationships to uplift everyone who needs a bit of hope and positivity in their day.

Our latest Success Story comes from Lisa and it’s an inspirational one.


We are Lisa and Tony Fisher from Brooklyn New York.

The place where it all began.

It was a cold wintery day back in February 1995. The sun was filtering through the clouds. But the wind was sighing through my hair. Wearing a long leather coat with ankle boots was a perfect combination for that day. I was coming from the Allen School for Nursing.

The commute back to my house was about thirty five minutes. Usually I would do some studying on the train ride home. My classes were only on Saturday because I had other obligations. While I was on the platform my beeper went off. So I went to a pay phone to call that number. Fortunately it wasn’t important. When I hung up my train had arrived. Instead of going straight home I had planned on making a stop. Approximately twenty minutes later I was back in the station again, this time at Prospect Park waiting for the Q train heading home.

It was a refreshing day to be out and getting my brains smoking, with hopes on becoming a nurse. After attending the Allen School, next step was college. Saturday’s gave me piece of mind, looking forward to classes.

I was standing with my back turned across from the token booth clerk waiting for the train to arrive. This way when it gives off a signal I would go downstairs to the platform. But on the weekends they ran slower so I waited a little longer. Trying to look cute was over. I started getting chilly. Blowing smoke out of my mouth like cigarettes was fun as a kid, but now thank goodness I quit smoking.

The sun had went down, grey skies filled the air. It started getting crowded. When I turned to look around, this very attractive guy walked in. He stood by the token booth. My eyes looked like I had never seen a man a day in my life. Even though I was single I’d been on a few dates, but this one was a real knockout. A jump in the bed ready kinda thing. Being a lady I tried to keep my mind out of the gutter. Then the notification sounded off letting everyone know the train was approaching.

I was walking down the stairs with hopes that he would take the same train. He did. “It’s about time the train got here,” he said being casual. I wanted to smile but didn’t want to appear desperate. He was so handsome, looking hot wearing tight fitted blue jeans. My eyes were bulging, trying not to make it look too obvious. “Have you been waiting long?” I said wishing he would at least ask for my name or number.

Without answering my question he said, “Didn’t I see you on Jay street and Boro Hall?” Was that a coincidence or fate? Before my beeper went off that’s exactly where I stood waiting for the train. He saw me? How could I have missed this charming well-formed man?

When the train arrived we sat in the same car not far from each other. He got into a conversation with another male passenger but I kept cutting my eyes on him. Sometimes I would let him see me glancing. Several stops had went by and I was praying he didn’t get off.

From his looks I thought he was Caribbean because I judged him by his dreadlocks. It didn’t matter. I wanted to know more about him. We both got off on stillwell avenue. He was still running his mouth. By then they were on the Platform. Since it was the last stop the train didn’t pull off so quickly. That gave me time to see which way he was going. Slowly I got off and walked right between them saying “Excuse me” with a smile thinking he would get the message.

I was right, he got it. Soon as I walked ahead he told the guy “Nice meeting you, I’ll see you again” in a fast pace, trying to catch up. When he reached me he said something about Coney Island and I took it the wrong way telling him,

“Don’t talk about my neighborhood like that,” being sarcastic.

“I was born and raised here,” he said.

The excitement went throughout my body knowing there’s a chance we would see each other again. That had me spellbound. We crossed the street and parted separate ways. He went into the liquor store and I went to the deli next door.

Before he walked out, I hurried in, acting as if I had to purchase a bottle. But since it was my friends birthday, that gave me reason to buy one.

“You come here often,” he said. Then he thought, damn! “I hope she doesn’t think I’m an alcoholic, standing on line with this bottle of wine. She looks very exotic, long wavy hair down her back, wearing red lipstick, her lips were voluptuous, and curvaceous shape. Her smile was captivating.”

I had purchased a small bottle of liquor “No, it’s a birthday celebration for my girlfriend.” I answered.

We left the store together then stood on the corner waiting for a cab, still not knowing each other’s name. Our conversation was pretty short. On the low he was checking me out. It didn’t take long for the cab to appear. He sat in the back, I got in the front. To my surprise, he handed me a card and wrote his name Tony and number on the back. “Call me when you’re not busy,” he said.

I took the card and said, “My name is Lisa,” as I got out. His eyes were all over me. By then my fantasy of him was completely over. Reality kicked in as soon as I got out of the cab.

Not wanting him to see the building where I lived, I walked in a different direction letting him think I was a home owner, just in case he was someone not to be trusted. Especially since he lived in the neighborhood. I kept a list of what I would not tolerate in a man. To name a few was, do not date in your building or your neighborhood. Do not get affiliated with jailbirds. He must have his own place.

So when I got in the house I took his number and toss it in the dresser draw. Flat-out forgetting him. Several weeks went by, I happened to clean out my draw, came across a card that read “eat my nuts” written on the front. Wondering where I got this from, I looked on the back and saw his name. A big smile came across my face making me laugh. “Was he some kind of sex freak? “I said.

After getting overly excited I calmed down and read the card wondering why would he give me something like that. It happened to be a peanut company and that’s how they advertised their business. Sounds nasty, but it was all about sales and assorted nuts.

Before I called I thought maybe he’s married? I didn’t want that kind of drama in my life. But Since he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, I thought I would give it a shot. So I dialed the number, he answered and we talked for hours. Before we ended the call he asked me out on a date. I broke one of my rules about dating where you live, hoping it wasn’t a mistake.

It was a very nice evening. We had dinner then a movie. He let everyone know we were on our first date. That had me blushing, thinking he was going to ask me out again. Tony was a perfect gentleman. He walked me to my door without looking or asking for a kiss. That had me feeling overjoyed and blessed with good luck. First date kissers is a turn-off for me. When he came to pick me up, we met near the bus stop. From the direction I was coming from he saw I didn’t live in a house, as he probably thought. I had to protect me and my family against weirdo’s. Since then we became extremely close. The best relationship I’ve ever had. The following year we got married on Valentine’s Day.

We have been married for 24 years.

What Do You Like To Do Together For Fun?

Shopping and dinning out. We have eaten almost everywhere in New York. One of our favorite restaurants is Dallas BBQ.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Each Other?

He always brought me gifts letting me know he was thinking of me.

He loves the way I look, the fragrance that I wore, how I touched his heart and the sound of my sweet voice.

My Favorite Thing About Him?

My favorite thing about him is he’s always been very supportive, turning negativity into positive since our first date. Being so comfortable talking, I hoped I didn’t talk too much. He’s a good listener and gave good advise.

But when he shared his story it blew me away into feeling ambiguous, but it was his past, not who he was now. He could’ve kept that from me. I appreciated his honesty.

When Did You Realize That You Had Fallen In Love?

One day he had invited me over to his house for dinner. I sat at the table admiring him for making me feel so special. In my past relationships, I never experienced that kind of love.

Whereas he would take me to and from my house making sure I arrived safe.

What Was He Like In The Beginning And What Is He Like Now?

He was the best boyfriend and even a better husband always making sure I was financially and emotionally secure. I never had a problem with infidelity or abused when it came to him. And he still treats me like a queen.

How Have You Overcome Difficulties In A Relationship?

It wasn’t easy, lots of communication, working together and having each other’s back. With a mixture of love, constant hugs and I love you’s every day helped us get through it. There will always be hurdles but jump them together and remember, it’s not the problems you have, it’s the ones you solve.

What Advise Would You Like To Give Other Women Trying To Build Successful, Long Lasting Relationships?

As we go through different stages in our life, so do our relationships. Revive, flourish it again never stop falling in love. Build together, be unbreakable whether it’s a business or family. Stand on your platform in strength because the power of two is in you. Never give up, believe in your love from this day forward.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Us?

Back in 2013 I was discriminated against on my job at an assisted living facility. Two co-workers took my picture without my knowledge and posted it on Instagram with a monkey along with a nasty caption indicating that’s how I looked.

From that moment on our lives were turned upside down. Eventually I went from being a victim to a victor. I sued the job and won making history by creating a precedent in the courts for this type of hatred.

My husband encouraged me to write so that I could share the story of my pain. In 2019 he and I became authors of “The Manor Exposed” book series, a memoir that delves into the very essence of systemic racism in the workplace. It is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


If you would like to share your story, get in touch.

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