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Here’s the story synopsis for The Narcissist in My Bed.

If you like what you read and want to know more, pre-order the book pretty please.

Cynical since birth, 29-year-old teacher Nina Bradshaw moves to the sunny climes of Dubai in the hope of finding love with an exotic foreigner and more of a work-life balance. After a lifetime of dating losers in London, her world opens up when she meets James Lane, a handsome personal trainer from Jamaica. As fate leads to a budding romance, Nina and James quickly move in together, have a baby and get married. In that order! They are perfect for each other and the fast pace of their relationship feels like it’s meant to be. James is the perfect man and loves Nina in all the ways she needs to be loved.

But after having baby Eli, their sweet love affair turns sour. While balancing work and being a new mum, Nina tries everything she can to make her marriage work. But James is distant and disinterested in family life. After three years of ups and downs, Nina watches the love they once had evaporate from the relationship.

Then, her whole world is turned upside down when James’ secrets come to light and destroys Nina’s world. She struggles to reconcile with everything James has done and how he has turned her happy life upside down. She had no idea the man she falls in love with, has a child with and marries is a charming narcissist. The discoveries shatter Nina’s fairy tale life and start her on a journey to discover what narcissism is, and how to survive a relationship with a narcissist and come out on the other side.

This isn’t a typical tale of the ‘other’ hot guy coming to rescue the girl. This is a new twist. As a modern woman, she saves herself. Written from both Nina and James’ perspectives, you are given a rare insight into the mind of a narcissist. Based on true events, The Narcissist in My Bed is a prescriptive tale for people who find themselves in these manipulative, destructive relationships.

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