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Dating Disasters: Betsy

For the last Dating Disasters post, I shared other people’s stories so this time I thought I should share some of mine. I used to be a serial dater and I really enjoyed everything about dating so I have more than a few funny stories to share. All of these stories and more are in my book, The Narcissist in My Bed.

Sugar Daddy guy

I once dated a guy who liked to pay for everything. We would go out drinking with four of my girlfriends and he would pay for everything for the whole night – dinner, drinks, food on the way home. The best thing he ever bought me was a 3 day ticket to the Formula One racing in Abu Dhabi and even better, he bought a ticket for my best friend aswell. Sugar Daddy went with his friend and we didn’t even meet up with him there. My bestie and I watched Lewis Hamilton win the F1 and had the best time.


New Year’s Eve guy

Many moons ago, I agreed to go out with a guy because I didn’t want to be alone on New Year’s Eve. In my defence, it was when I lived in Dubai. Usually, I would come home for the whole Christmas and New Year period, but this year I decided I want to spend New Year in Dubai and go to a fancy party. None of my friends came back to Dubai for New Year’s Eve, so I had no-one to go out with. So when he said he got tickets to a champagne brunch and a club, I was sold. We went to the Westin for their champagne brunch with a group of his friends and had a great time. They had a big, outdoor dance floor and we rung in the New Year in style. Then we went to a club called Etoile to dance the night away. By this point, I was very merry after all the champagne. At some point, I said something to him that he didn’t like: he stormed off and left me in the middle of the dance floor. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I said. It was mortifying being left alone but the music was really good so I got another drink and stayed in the club, dancing by myself.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, we used to hang out in the same pub so I had to see him all the time afterwards. I couldn’t think of a way to ask him what I said. But it must have been bad becasue he wouldn’t speak to me and would ignore me when he saw me.

Random fact: we had the same birthday.


Boring Guy

When I lived in Birmingham, I dated a guy who lived in London. We would meet up at weekends. Whenever I went to London, it was always fun and exciting. The city is so fast paced and busy that I loved the thrill of going out in London. But when he came to see me in Birmingham, the excitement wore off. One day, I wanted to go to the park and he wanted to lay around the house. In the evening, we got into a big fight and I kicked him out. The last train to London had already left for the night but I didn’t care. I went out for drinks with a friend.


If you want to share your dating disaster stories, get in touch.

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